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ABOUT Tom Smith

Leading worship at age 13 in the church modern worship’s Delirious? called home, Tom has recently taken over the reigns as worship pastor at Soul Survivor Church, the previous home of Matt Redman, Tim Hughes, & Ben Cantelon. Here, Tom is pastoring the church worship team whilst also heading up the Soul Survivor Summer Festival Worship where 30,000 young people gather from all across the U.K. to worship. Before that, Tom worked with Tim Hughes as a worship pastor at HTB Church in central London.

Tom’s songs feature a fresh-wave of inspiring worship aimed for the church and it’s young people. The songs explode with excitement including ‘Jesus I Love You’, ‘1000 Years’, 'Never Gonna Stop Singing’ ‘Reality’ and ‘Dynamite’. His latest EP ‘Everyday’ is his debut Integrity project and includes brand new songs ‘You In My Life’, ‘Everyday’ & ‘Risen’.

“Tom worships with his life as well as his songs,” says Mike Pilavachi. “And the songs are good – very good. I love the songs, but even more, I love that for Tom, it is more than about the songs. Tom is a creative, authentic and humble guy.” “I’ve known and worked with Tom for over ten years,” shares Tim Hughes, “He is one of the kindest, most servant-hearted and passionate people I know. His songs burst with life and heart; songs to be screamed out at festivals and blasted through stereos. This is just the start for Tom.”


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