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InSalvation (founded in 2006) has become a solid part of the Christian worship landscape in the Netherlands. It is more than a passionate worship band: it is a motor of a movement with a heart for worship and justice. InSalvation longs to worship God collectively, they long to celebrate His presence, and go back into the world completely changed.

The energetic pop and rock band is known for songs like ‘Fill This House with Your Glory’, ‘Neon’, ‘Power in the Blood’ and ‘God Who Saves’. The band regularly plays at different Christian (music) festivals, such as Opwekking. In addition, the band is internationally oriented with a strong missionary focus on Europe. The band has played in Spain, Italy, Germany, Austria and Romania, among others. The band understands worship transcends language and culture. InSalvation has released three albums so far: ‘Passionate Worship’ (2011), ‘God Is’ (2013) and ‘Neon’ (2017).

In January 2005 InSalvation became a foundation with three pillars (worship, justice & equipping). “We long for a movement,” Jafeth explains. “When the Holy Spirit says go, we want to follow Him. We would like to move along with the Holy Spirit. The InSalvation Foundation is part of the body of Christ. Therefore, it is part of the larger worldwide Church.” Three pillars are central to InSalvation’s desire to encourage a new generation to live a life of dedication to Jesus: worship, justice and equipping. Jafeth shares: “The most powerful thing is to proclaim the Word of God. Worship is very important in proclaiming His word and His truth. That is why all songs have a solid and strong foundation in the Word of God.”

InSalvation is a band with six dedicated and passionate members: Jafeth and Sifra Bekx, Andy Stuijfzand, Tanja van Schuylenburg, Henny Mugge and Hanjo Fisser.


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