Our Mission

Integrity Music desire is to help people world-wide experience the manifest presence of God and resource the church with songs of substance, in order that everyone has a part to play. 

Our Story

In 1985, a small group of men and women from various denominations came together to capture a new sound in praise and worship by taking a caravan from church to church to introduce worship leaders and songs from one church to next. The aim was to help people worldwide experience the manifest presence of God, this collection of records resulted in forming ‘Integrity’s Hosanna Music’ along with a publishing imprint. These would become the cornerstone of Integrity Music, including songs like ‘Give Thanks’, ‘Open The Eyes of My Heart Lord’, ‘Revelation Song’, and more recently ‘We Believe’ and ‘Great Are You Lord’.

In 1987 Integrity Music was officially formed and served as a significant vehicle in pioneering the widespread popularity of what would become the ‘modern worship music’. 

Integrity Music became part of David C Cook in 2011, joining a seminal UK worship label, Kingsway Music, of which David C Cook acquired a majority share in 1994. 

Originally established in 1969, Kingsway Music captured the songs and sound of worship that was moving through house churches in the UK. This became the birthplace for songs such as ‘Here I Am to Worship’, In Christ Alone’, ‘Blessed Be The Name Of The Lord’, ‘Everlasting God’ and more recently ‘Lord, I Need You’ and ‘The Lion & The Lamb’. 

In 2009 Kingsway Music acquired Fierce! Distribution, the home of Delirious? which equipped Kingsway to continue stewarding songs like ‘I Could Sing Of Your Love Forever’ and ‘Majesty (Here I Am)’

Collectively, we are one Integrity Music, which is part of the David C Cook family and operates out of Nashville, TN in the USA and Brighton, East Sussex in the UK.